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“Una Historia de Ayer” es un puñetazo conciso y directo a la mandíbula de la vida Desnuda la emoción del realismo mágico y la intriga del suspense, encerrados en este relato alineal sobre sinuosos ajustes de cuentas y condescendientes adicciones

10 thoughts on “Una Historia de Ayer

  1. Extreme Extreme says:

    Very original book

  2. SmokeyFAV SmokeyFAV says:

    I highly recommend reading it. Despite i am not very fluent in Spanish i utterly enjoyed the story.

  3. Federica Federica says:

    I liked it this enjoyable story.
    4.3 out of 5.

  4. Maxximo Maxximo says:

    One of my favourite books of mystery.
    Great story.

  5. Ile-De Ile-De says:

    what a book. STUNNING.

  6. Alinna Alinna says:

    it´s such an intense and brief story.
    Absolutely recommendable.

  7. Jonny Jonny says:

    Gripping! I wish it had been translated .

  8. Ada Ada says:

    What an ending.
    I suggest you to read it.

  9. Saom Saom says:

    Masterpiece of intensity

  10. Petite Petite says:

    it is supposed to read it in some days. However, everyone will be able to read it in several hours.
    Kind of addictive.