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Ailis has spent her life pretending she didn't have powers and that things did not go bump in the night Ailis is now a homicide detective She is very good at her job and she's pretty sure the serial murders her unit is investigating aren't being committed by a human In walks the most gorgeous man she's ever seen What’s wrong with that? Ailis not only knows he's a vampire she also knows he's the one draining child molesters and murderers and leaving an empty carcass for her to find Her investigation unearths secrets about her ancestors that take her back to Camelot and the time of King Arthur and Merlin so she can right a wrong committed by her family hundreds of years ago Can she trust this strange, lonely vampire to help her solve a mystery that could very well end up with her being life challenged herself? Dangerously attractive vampire, Kenneth has been around long enough to know there are no such things as coincidences When he meets the undeniably strong willed homicide detective Ailis, he knows there's a good explanation as to why she looks identical to his long dead fiance He just has to figure out what that might be When his one hundred year nemesis shows up in Miami and tries to force Ailis to join him, Kenneth realizes her powers are worth something to even the worst of his kind He pledges to protect her as long as he is still breathing If those trying to keep her from fulfilling her destiny have anything to do about it, that won’t be long at all

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  1. Nicole Hill Nicole Hill says:

    Of Course I love it. I wrote it. LOL

  2. Eric Williams Eric Williams says:

    Legacy Forgotten by Nicole Hill
    This book was imaginative, fun, and suspenseful. In the book we meet Ailis, a confident young woman who works for the Miami Police. She seems normal at first, but there are family secrets, oh yeah and there's a love struck vampire hanging around outside her house.

    I really liked this story by indie author Nicole Hill-- I'm not usually a fan of vampire stories, but I found this one to be engaging and rich in historical mythos--more than your average dreamy eyed bite 'em & suck 'em saga. Her vampire is a sexy beast named Kenneth (okay, that's a strange name for a vampire) and he is very old, although his inner voice is quite youthful. It turns out that Kenneth has an ancient connection to Ailis's family, one that is revealed by the author very slowly. Ailis's character is presented as independent, self reliant and hot as heck, a nice combination for a heroine.

    Without giving too much away, sparks begin to fly when vamp meets vampire and age old secrets begin to surface. This one kept me turning pages until the end.

    I gave it four stars because there were a few typo and homonym usage problems which could have been caught by a good copy editor. Like Ms Hill, I sometimes have usage issues with to and too, but she is such a good writer, these bumps are easily overlooked. Also, on the topic of minor bumps, it should be noted that the narrator switches from past to present tense inexplicably a couple of times, but over the course of the book, these shifts are barely noticeable. Minor quibbles aside, her narrator is a positive force in the story, possessing a snarky kind of limited omniscience. She effortlessly changes point of view as we move from one character to another. The narrator's voice is so strong and humorous that at times, she is almost like another character in the story. In Chapter one she says of Ailis:
    Her grandfather used to own the whole island when he and her grandmother came to Miami from Spain a long ass time ago.

    My advice, even if you're not a vampire fan, read this book to experience Ms Hill's sparkling intelligence and enthusiasm --and to catch her narrator's zippy one liners.

  3. Emily Guido Emily Guido says:

    “Legacy Forgotten” by self-published author Nicole Hill was a delight to read! This book is good, really good! I was pulled into the story from the first few pages. The author writes with such a common verve and vitality that it was like talking to a girlfriend of mine and she was explaining a story to me.

    The heroine, Ailis, is tough on the outside and has the knock your socks off powers to prove it! I love powerful women characters and she was one! Being a half vampire, witch, and hard as nails detective, Ailis is drawn to her past only to find her family has secrets that have been hidden from her for a long time.

    I loved, loved Kenneth! What a twisted, messed up and downright awesome leading man/vampire! I enjoy and are addicted to flaws in characters like Kenneth, and then love comes to “bite” them into a different reality. Kenneth was drop-dead smexy! I really loved the way he was portrayed, and he sure kept my attention!

    This book has action, passion, mystery, and most of all a wonderfully framed story! I was truly blown away by how the pacing moved and weaved. It kept me reading until early in the morning because I just couldn’t put it down.

    The story line with the bad guy “Monolo” just came with so many twists and turns that I was saying to myself as I was reading it, “Now, that is cool!” I love stories that are not all clean cut and clear. I love shockers and unexpected storylines! Well, “Legacy Forgotten” had it all! The book has editing issues, however editing can be fixed, the underlying story and the action can’t. But this author doesn’t need to do anything with that the book is outstanding in story and content, truly! I am sure that this author has a bright future, and being a self-confessed “Vampire Connoisseur,” I will have to say “Legacy Forgotten” is one of the books I favorited, and I will go back and read again and again, it is just that good!

    For content, story and just plain excitement, I give “Legacy Forgotten” a rating of 5 out of 5 stars! Great job by the author, Nicole Hill!

  4. Helen White Helen White says:

    The book focuses on a Vampire called Kenneth who is killing residents of a small town. On his trail is Allis, who has special abilities that allow her to sense vampires, and who has something of a mysterious past. As the plot progresses it starts to become apparent that Kenneth is not quite the villain he seems, and there is another vampire in the picture, Monolo.

    The plot of this novel twisted and turned. Just when I thought I had a handle on it, the book would suddenly take another direction I had not foreseen. This does not mean that the narrative is disjointed. Quite the opposite, the disparate elements somehow work together very smoothly, and leave the reader turning page after page, eager to see what happens next. A vital part of the plot is based on the Arthurian myths and legends, and it was apparent to me (having studied the period in the past), the the author had researched thoroughly and was familiar and comfortable with the use of the characters and places involved in the tales. I appreciate that for some readers this will not be a big make or break point, but i personally felt that the dedication and craftsmanship displayed were admirable.

    The book sits comfortable across several genres, and is a thoroughly enjoyable combination of romance, erotica, vampire & witches, and the supernatural. It is difficult to pin down and immensely enjoyable to read.

  5. Kim Kim says:

    This book had me from page one. The handsome vampire Kenneth is looking for dinner and sees Ailis who he feels drawn to. Ailis is a police officer and she's looking at a body that has all the blood drained from it. Kenneth just can't leave her alone, he's not sure why, he follows her home. She lives in a beautiful Victorian house that her grandmother left her when she died. Or was she really dead? Ailis can feel Kenneths presence and things are about to get really cool. Witches and vampires come together in this sexy paranomal story. Nicole Hill hit the ball right out of the park with this one. Can't wait to read another book from this author. I love books you can't put down. THAT IS THIS BOOK! I'm going to miss Kenneth and Ailis....

  6. H.K. H.K. says:

    Legacy Forgotten by Nicole Hill was quite honestly one of my all time favorites. The characters were blended together well, Kenneth was realistic and ideal, the romance between him and Alis didn't feel rushed. There were some grammatical errors, but i fell into her world with ease, this books legacy won't be forgotten.

  7. Dino Simonetti Dino Simonetti says:

    As i said before-a budding writer-a great story line-a great story
    well Kenneth will have to do for now until you have your very own Vamp

  8. Victoria Limbert Victoria Limbert says:

    Following the story and adventures of Ailis and Kenneth was enjoyable. At times it was lighthearted and you got to see the insecurities and vulnerabilities of both of these strong minded characters and at others it was intense, dramatic and full of action.

    Monolo sums up the definition of a crazy ass baddie, though he is no fool. I liked his character in the story and how he fitted in to history along with the others, dating back to the times of Camelot and the secrets hidden there.

    Ailis's grandmother is nicely cryptic and at times I wanted to shake her and beg her to tell Ailis what was happening so she could kick some butt, because Ailis is strong, brave, loving and caring. She cares for her people, despite the short time knowing her secrets, and tries to protect them. Her love for Kenneth has no limits, she would literally die for him, and it was totally endearing.

    Despite a few editing/grammar issues I could not put this book down and I would reccomend anyone to read it. The pace is perfect, the romance is touching and the characters are over all loveable and you really hope they come through it all alive and well in the end.

    A good book, will look forward to the second :)

    p.s I love the cover :)

  9. Emi Lia Emi Lia says:

    **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

    So, how do I start? Well, I liked the story, I thought it was a good read, the plot was pretty interesting and there was some action in it. At times I felt like it was just a bit all over the place. It took me a while to read this book, I can normally finish in a day or two, but this one took me almost two weeks. It's because the first half is really unnecessary. It starts out as a murder mystery with cops and a vamp but then turns into something different (which is the better part of the book). It doesn't really give you a enough background of the characters and story, we don't find out everything until halfway into the book. Once I got there I finished it in no time. I feel as though as a first book in a series it should have been laid out better and more detailed in the beginning. We're introduced to Kenneth, who is a total arrogant a** . Ailis is pretty cool, she is a detective who knows she's a little more than the average human, but is introduced to a whole new world once she truly acknowledges that she is different and goes back to her roots.

    Like I said, the story is pretty good, and I'd like to read the next book so I can see how the legacies continue.

  10. Roy Murry Roy Murry says:

    “Relax,” Camelita told her (Ailis,) “The answer will come to you. Most of the time the answer we see most; is the one we cannot find.”

    This is the premise of Legacy Forgotten. Kenneth, a vampire, is looking for his place in life, even though he has live hundreds of them. Monolo is destroying the world is the center of. Ailis is coming of age in strength and wisdom as a women leader. All these main characters are looking for something that is right in front of them, but they can’t grasp it.

    They are all interwoven into finding what is important to them. And that turns out to be a Legacy Forgotten, which is found through conflict that is foiled by sanity of women’s love for an ideal – somewhat a love story.

    Vampire lore and legacy, I have little knowledge of. Ms. Hill makes it clear in an entertaining way to a novice like through her literary descriptions.

    All I all, I enjoyed the adventure into yore, but give the Ms. Hill’s effort Three Stars, because the story was somewhat difficult for me to follow for one who has limited knowledge in Vampire oddities. However, I believe the book would be a welcome addition to a blood sucker’s library.